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Sign Stapler - Bandit Signs Tool - SALE"They Laughed When I Told Them I Use Bandit Signs to Get LISTINGS...Until I Showed Them My Commission Checks"


Dear fellow Realtor,

Advertising is key to success in any business, and it hold true for our business. Successful agents have already figured out already, the key to SUCCESS is LISTINGS. Listings are GOLD.

Keep reading, because I'm going to show you how to get more closings without spending a lot of money.

Bandit Signs are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to generate quality seller leads for Realtors. Put them up and your phone will ring until someone takes your sign down.​

"A billboard has no other function, it is there for the sole and express purpose of trespassing on your field of vision.  Nor is it possible for you to escape; the billboard inflicts itself unbidden upon all but the blind or recluse... Even if it were possible for you not to look at billboards if you didn't choose, why in the world should you have to make the negative effort?" 

- Howard Luck Gossage,
Is There Any Hope for Advertising? (1986)


Bandit Sign Leads vs. Internet Leads

If you have dealt with Internet Leads, you already know that they are rarely good quality and you usually have to compete with bunch of other agents.

Picture yourself as a regular Joe who is looking to buy or sell a house. Joe sees a sign in his neighborhood which looks something like this:

Realtor Signs for listings and buyers

Joe picks up his cell phone and dials your number. At this point YOU are the only Realtor he is talking to. He knows you are the Local and Active Realtor because of the sign and he contacts you because it's easy. He doesn't have to look through 1,000s of other Realtors online.

When you deal with the prospect one-on-one and not competing with other agents your rate of success goes way up.


Advertise OPEN HOUSES minimum 1 day before

If you are only putting out signs out 10 minutes before an OPEN HOUSE, because you are afraid your signs will be stolen, you are missing the boat.

The point of an OPEN HOUSE is NOT to Sell the House

It does happen, but it is very rare. The point of an open house is to get exposure for the agent and to pick up more CUSTOMERS and LISTINGS.

Where did my OPEN HOUSE Signs go?

Have you ever put out OPEN HOUSE signs a day before the actual open house and found them GONE the next day? That happens when you use H-Wires which are easily pulled.

Just a little higher, still in view, and out of reach is better!

Signs placed at ground level with H-Wire Stands don’t have a chance and get pulled like weeds. If you want your signs to stay up longer, just remember this basic rule...The harder your sign is to take down the longer it will stay up. Now, you don't want to be silly and staple the sign too high up where no one can read it or would have to break their neck to see it. Just a little bit higher out of reach will do the trick.

No More Dirt!

When you get SignStapler, there is No more awkward H-Wires, and no more dirt in the car after you pull up signs, because there is almost always dirt stuck to the stake which dries up and falls all over your trunk.

Say Hello to Your new best friend, the SignStapler!

  • EASIER, FASTER, and CHEAPER than using nails or H-Wires.

  • SAFER than climbing a Ladder.

  • EASILY remove SIGNS when done (after OPEN HOUSE)

Measuring a whopping 4' long, it can put up signs over 10' high in the matter of seconds, yet it's small enough to fit in the trunk of your car. Easy take in and out and carry. Light weight and durable design.

Yes, I did say you can get your sign up in seconds...BAM! BAM! BAM!...Done! This means you can spend more time with family.

"My signs stay up for folks to view for weeks on end"

"Hello Alex, This is Rick Sanford from A Blast Properties in Atlanta. I just wanted to call and say thank you for sending me the SignStapler. I used to put up signs on wooden stakes and they wouldn't stay up very long. With the SignStapler I am getting my marketing out, and my signs stay up for folks to view for weeks on end. So, I think your product rocks, and if anyone is looking to do some inexpensive marketing, SignStapler is definitely a way to go. Let everybody know that."

Rick Stanford - A Blast Properties - Atlanta, GA


What Do Real Estate Gurus Say about Sign Stapler?

  • Than Merrill and Paul Esajian, stars of A&E TV Show "Flip This House", bought 7 SignStaplers for his office in Connecticut and 2 more for their office in California. By the way, we have their templates loaded in our design studio, so all you have to do is change your number and you can order some signs here too Fortune Builder Sign Templates​

  • Lex Levinrad, recommends the Sign Stapler to all of his students at The Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp!

  • Jeff Adams, recommends SignStapler to his students, so that they can spend less time putting up signs, and more time working on deals.

  • Dave Lindahl, teaches his students that signs are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to advertise. When he saw this tool he got very excited and wanted to share this invention with his students as well.

  • Greg Luther, is a nationally known Realtor trainer and he said "SignStapler Helps Realtors get CLOSINGS".

Ok, Alex...How Much, How Much, How Much?

We have been selling SignStapler successfully since 2005 and our customers love it and many have admitted that they would have paid more and wish they knew about it sooner because it make their sign advertising so quick, easy, exciting and fun. We are exited that you found us and have a special price for you today. To find out today's special, just click the button below.

The Sign Stapler will be shipped, all you need is some SIGNS, and you can buy them cheap right here on the same site. Custom design, no problem. 1 color, 2 color, 3 color, or Full Collor High Definition Signs at best prices. You can upload your finished design, or use our templates or create your own design using our online design studio at your convenience 24/7.

"Hey! This thing rocks and was shipped lightning-fast. Thank you!"

Xenothon Stelnicki - Gainesville, FL


Let's make it a RISK-FREE decision!

Successful people are decisive people, and successful people take action. Investing in this tool now will be a wise investment in your business, and I guarantee it in writing.

100% Risk-Free, Love It Or Leave It Guarantee!
I am so sure that you will love your new SignStapler, I am willing to offer you an unconditional money back guarantee, and put it in writing.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, simply send it back within 30 days and you will get a refund of the purchase price.



As you can see, I have taken the risk away, which makes it a no-brainer decision. The sooner you get it the sooner YOU can be excited about putting up signs and growing your business.

It Cut My Time in 1/2

"...The Sign Stapler is Awesome. It cut my time in half! It used to take me about 3 hours to put up 50 signs, and we just put out 50 in an hour and a half..." 

Dennis Mitchel
Affordable Insurance
Katy, TX



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Sign Stapler - Tool For Putting Up Bandit Signs -  SALE
Sign Stapler! EASIER and FASTER than using a hammer and nails. SAFER than climbing..
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