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​​Sign Stapler - Bandit Signs Tool"STOP Climbing That Ladder for Putting UP SIGNS...Get Sign Stapler!" 

Faster, easier, and cheaper per sign than Sign Hammer. The best Bandit Sign Solution is here for hanging SIGNS Quickly and Easily

Fastest way to put up a sign video:

Advertising is key for success for any business!

Sign Post with lots of bandit signsMost businesses fail due to the lack of advertising. No matter what business you are in, you are in marketing business. You can't help anyone if people don't know what you can help them with or if you even exist. If they don't know to call you, you won't get any leads and the result is usually a failed business.

Bandit Signs which are also known as Yard Signs and Political Signs are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to generate leads. Realtors, Pool Cleaner, Investors, Politicians, etc, all use signs. Put them up and your phone will ring, you will get exposure, and you will get your message out until someone takes your sign down.​


"A billboard has no other function, it is there for the sole and express purpose of trespassing on your field of vision.  Nor is it possible for you to escape; the billboard inflicts itself unbidden upon all but the blind or recluse... Even if it were possible for you not to look at billboards if you didn't choose, why in the world should you have to make the negative effort?" 

- Howard Luck Gossage,
Is There Any Hope for Advertising? (1986)


Where did my sign go? Garbage man hauling away yard signs in trash

Keeping people from tearing down your signs has always been a challenge. It seems that as soon as you get your signs up, someone comes around and takes them right down. Sometimes it's competition, sometimes it's city officials, sometimes it's opposing politicians, sometimes it's people who think the back of your sign would make good material for their garage-sale sign.


Just a little higher, still in view, and out of reach is better!

empty utility pole for stapling a signSigns placed at ground level with H-Wire Stands don’t have a chance and get pulled like weeds. If you want your signs to stay up longer, just remember this basic rule...The harder your sign is to take down the longer it will stay up. Now, you don't want to be silly and staple the sign too high up where no one can read it or would have to break their neck to see it. Just a little bit higher out of reach will do the trick. 


Introducing your new best friend, the Sign Stapler!

Sign Stapler in horizontal view
  • EASIER and FASTER than using nails.

  • SAFER than climbing a ladder.

  • Get Signs HIGHER than competition.

  • Ability to remove signs (for weekend advertisers)

  • SAVES MONEY $$$ (staples costs less than a penny per sign)

Measuring a whopping 4' long, it can put up signs over 10' high in the matter of seconds, yet it's small enough to fit in the trunk of your car. Easy take in and out and carry. Light weight and durable design.

Yes, I did say you can get your sign up in seconds...BAM! BAM! BAM!...Done! This means you can spend more time with family.

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Sometimes you want to take signs down if you only need signs up for a weekend when doing a special promotion, or open house, or if code enforcement is extra strict. Sign Stapler makes it super easy to do.


"My signs stay up for folks to view for weeks on end"

"Hello Alex, This is Rick Sanford from A Blast Properties in Atlanta. I just wanted to call and say thank you for sending me the SignStapler. I used to put up signs on wooden stakes and they wouldn't stay up very long. With the SignStapler I am getting my marketing out, and my signs stay up for folks to view for weeks on end. So, I think your product rocks, and if anyone is looking to do some inexpensive marketing, SignStapler is definitely a way to go. Let everybody know that."

Rick Stanford Testimonial shot

Rick Stanford - A Blast Properties - Atlanta, GA


Danger Zone

I used to use a ladder, a step stool, even stood on the hood of the car to get the signs up high. All these stunts were very dangerous, especially late at night...

Attorney scale of justiceAccording to the latest statistics (the 1998 Home Accident Surveillance data) one person a week is killed in accidents involving ladders and another 40,000 a year require hospital treatment.  Now combine that with number of people that get sued each get the idea.


Using a ladder is inconvenient

Dragging a ladder in and out of your car (often at night) every time you need to hang a sign is a pain, and you can't always find a level spot on which to place the ladder, especially at night. 

"It now takes me longer to get in and out of the vehicle than to put up the sign."

WOW!! What a great idea to solve a problem we have. What a time consuming job it is to put up our “We Buy Houses” signs on the telephone poles. Need to put them high enough so people don’t pull them right off the poles. Now out of the vehicle, get the sign, hammer, nails, step ladder etc and go through this each time to put up one sign. Then collect all your tools back in to the vehicle. Drive on and start again. How many more to go?

No more of that for me with the SIGN STAPLER. It now takes me longer to get in and out of the vehicle than to put up the sign. Just slide your sign in the holder and swing!!!

Thanks Alex for making this job easier and sharing it with us all. To me it is something people putting up signs should not be without.

Happy Signing!!!

Darlene Testimonial holding Sign Stapler with We Buy Houses Sign
  Darlene S. - Moncton, NB Canada


So, how does it work?

At the heart of this tool is a Heavy-Duty Arrow Stapler with a pattented jamfree mechanism and is made right here in USA. To put the sign up, simply load the sign and swing once where you want the sign to hang. Then swing a few more times driving few more staples...Done!


To take the sign off, simply flip the tool over and use the back of the handle, which is designed as a wedge, to remove the sign...Easy!

When I showed my invention to my Real Estate Investor friends they all wanted one. Now political campaign folks, business owner, realtors, network marketers, landscapers, handyman, dating sites, glass repair franchises, and many other businesses use it to generate business.

By the way, if you are a business or a political group and would like to order multiple tools, contact me for special pricing.

What Type of Signs Does Sign Stapler work on?

Sign Stapler works on many different types and sizes of signs. The best signs to use are corrugated plastic signs, because they tend to last longer and withstand rain much better than cardboard signs. The best value is 18x24 one color single side.

I recommend getting signs with horizontal flutes, because those are less likely to bend in a strong wind if you plan on leaving your signs up for months and months. You can check our sign prices and design your custom sign here with our Easy to Use Sign Design Studio​

Protecting Your Privacy when Advertising

Most places have a sign ordinance to regulate signs and to collect taxes by issuing sign permits. Some people argue that regulating signs is taking away their right of the freedom of speech, and some have even taken their case to Supreme Court and won over the City.  My advice is to check your local ordinance, and get my free report titled: "How to protect your privacy when advertising with signs". In many cities, board of realtors get a permit every weekend for directional signs (for example Open House signs). So, consider adding an arrow to your sign if you want to be in compliance. Then, consider taking signs down after the weekend if the code enforcement is strict. First, you don't want to waste any of the signs and second, the SignStapler tool is designed to take the signs down too.

Is it better to use staples or nails to hang up bandit signs?

Staples are much cheaper, and way faster. When signs are taken down, both staples and nails most of the time stay stuck in the pole. The only difference, the nail, especially one with a big cap will rip the sign, so you can't use it again. Staples will make a small rip which is barely noticeable and you can reuse the sign again. Also, nails are more dangerous for the lineman who need to climb those poles and cause more damage to the pole.

Will stapled signs withstand strong winds and rain?

The stapled sign is very secure with staples and rain doesn't bother it. Plus the added benefit of staples is that they are small enough not to abstract the message. In addition when there is strong wind, there is less chance of sign folding since there is a larger surface 10 anchoring points rather than 2.

How often should the staples be reloaded?

If you put 4-5 staples per sign, you can put up 30-40 signs in one shot before needing  to reload, as opposed to using nails which you would need to carry with you and reload after every single time. This saves significant amount of time when putting out signs.

What Do Real Estate Gurus Say about Sign Stapler?

  • Than Merrill and Paul Esajian, stars of A&E TV Show "Flip This House", bought 7 SignStaplers for his office in Connecticut and 2 more for their office in California. By the way, we have their templates loaded in our design studio, so all you have to do is change your number and you can order some signs here too Fortune Builder Sign Templates​

  • Lex Levinrad, recommends the Sign Stapler to all of his students at The Distressed Real Estate Boot Camp!

  • Jeff Adams, recommends SignStapler to his students, so that they can spend less time putting up signs, and more time working on deals.

  • Dave Lindahl, teaches his students that signs are one of the cheapest and most effective ways to advertise. When he saw this tool he got very excited and wanted to share this invention with his students as well.

  • John Alexander, inventor of Inverse Purchase Wealth System, recommends it to all his students who joined his mentoring program.

  • Robyn Thompson, said I should patent it and make it available to other Real Estate Investors. I took her advice.

  • John Mac Neil, the creator of the "Yellow Letter Marketing" loved the tool so much, he has recorded a video testimonial for me.

Ok, Alex...How Much, How Much, How Much?

We have been selling SignStapler successfully since 2005 and our customers love it and many have admitted that they would have paid more and wish they knew about it sooner because it make their sign advertising so quick, easy, exciting and fun. We are exited that you found us and have a special price for you today. To find out today's special, just click the button below.

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The Sign Stapler will be shipped, all you need is some SIGNS, and you can buy them cheap right here on the same site. Custom design, no problem. 1 color, 2 color, 3 color, or Full Collor High Definition Signs at best prices. You can upload your finished design, or use our templates or create your own design using our online design studio at your convenience 24/7.

"Hey! This thing rocks and was shipped lightning-fast. Thank you!"

Xenothon Stelnicki - Gainesville, FL



By Purchasing the sign stapler you will be eligible to receive a FREE e-Course titled "Dozen of the Most Costly Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make, and How To Avoid Them".


Do you know how to protect your privacy when advertising? When you order, you'll get a special report titled "How To Protect Your Privacy When Advertising" will help you advertise securely and keep your private information private.

Let's make it a RISK-FREE decision!

Successful people are decisive people, and successful people take action. Investing in this tool now will be a wise investment in your business, and I guarantee it in writing.

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I am so sure that you will love your new SignStapler, I am willing to offer you an unconditional money back guarantee, and put it in writing.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for whatever reason, simply send it back within 30 days and you will get a refund of the purchase price.



As you can see, I have taken the risk away, which makes it a no-brainer decision. The sooner you get it the sooner YOU can be excited about putting up signs and growing your business.

It Cut My Time in 1/2

"...The Sign Stapler is Awesome. It cut my time in half! It used to take me about 3 hours to put up 50 signs, and we just put out 50 in an hour and a half..." 

Dennis Mitchel
Affordable Insurance
Katy, TX



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